Was Your Site Pecked By Penguin? Nibbled On By Panda? If So, You Need To…

Discover The Secrets The SEO Pros Use To Protect Their Traffic And Secure Their Top Search Engine Rankings Against Frustrating Google Penalties And Algorithm Changes!

There’s no doubt that the world of SEO is changing faster than ever.  If you can’t keep up and protect your site from the negative effects of all of this change, you could find your entire online business wiped out overnight by a single search engine update!

What you need is a trusted guide.  Someone who can show you the ropes to bullet-proofing your website’s traffic and revenue from unexpected SEO changes.  Someone who’s been in the industry long enough to know how to quickly diagnose and repair the damage caused by search engine updates and penalties.

That someone is me!

Why me?  I’ve been working in the field for nearly two decades. I’ve created and sold SEO technologies and companies, written books, published articles, and present regularly on the subject at key industry events.  I have extensive experience handling changes in search engine algorithms – and now, I’m ready to reveal my secrets for free in my “5 Steps to Diagnosing Search Engine Penalties” report!  The report is filled with practical, actionable tips based on my nearly 20 years of experience in SEO.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside:

  • The exact steps to follow if you experience a drop in traffic that may have resulted from a search penalty.
  • How to handle and safeguard your site from the future negative effects of the dreaded Google Webmaster Tools “Notice of Unnatural Activity” warning.
  • A detailed guide for understanding how the search engines detect web spam.  Use the guide to check your own backlinking efforts, as well as those carried out by consultants you’ve hired or competitors engaging in “negative SEO.”
  • A complete list of the trusted sources I turn to whenever breaking SEO news occurs, and how to use the information found there to safeguard your own website.

As an added bonus, I’ll automatically enroll you in my five-part email series – “5 Steps to Recovering from Search Engine Penalties” – which describes the exact steps to take to regain lost traffic and rankings if you discover a penalty after reading through my free report.

Together, these two information-rich resources will help you bullet-proof your website and protect your Internet income from future search engine changes!  Get your free copy now.

Don’t let your website fall behind. Don’t jeopardize the revenue stream you’ve worked so hard to build up.  The report, and my five-part email series is free, so there’s zero risk.

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